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Fulfil the dreams of your clients and design them healthy, comfortable, and chemical-free buildings. The EcoCocon wall system offers architects an easier way to design and build a Passivhaus home. Learn more about the benefits of our wall system.

Unlimited Creativity

EcoCocon straw panels are custom made in 1-millimetre increments – they adapt to almost any design, so you can let your creativity free and propose a dream home for your clients. 

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Structural Construction

The double wooden frame of the panels ensures the structural capacity of low-rise buildings and easily supports ceilings, roofs or facades. Thanks to excellent thermal and acoustic comfort, your projects achieve the highest standards and a homely feel.

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Technical Support

To make your life easier, our qualified engineers will prepare a detailed, ready-to-use technical panel project for you. We also provide professional technical advice to guide you along the way.

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A Sustainable Solution to the Passivhaus Standard

Thanks to using non-processed renewable materials, each EcoCocon building saves several tons of CO2. With no thermal bridges and easily achieved airtightness, the Passivhaus standard has never been easier to achieve.

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