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About us

EcoCocon was founded with the idea to find a way to create real and affordable cradle to cradle buildings. Buildings that are made of renewable materials, and would last decades before being returned safely to nature after use. Buildings that would contain healthy, locally sourced materials and leave a minimal ecological footprint.


“We are revolutionising the construction industry by delivering a climate-neutral, healthy, and effective construction system designed to be returned safely to nature after use. We believe, now that there is EcoCocon, you will find no reason to build any other way.”

Bjorn Kierulf, CEO

Bjorn Kierulf, CEO

Plant-Based Construction Fights Climate Change

Over the years, we have developed a unique modular straw-based construction system. In the face of resource scarcity, straw is an ideal construction material. It’s renewable, largely available, and mostly has no other use.

On average, our panels consist of 89% straw and 10% wood. As forests play a major role in safeguarding our climate, we have designed our panels to use as little wood as possible - just enough for the system to be structural. The wood we use is sourced from sustainably managed forests and the straw is a by-product of wheat production.

We source our straw from local farms in the vicinity of the factory and the whole production process demands very little primary energy.

Our goal is to gradually set up local production in every country to be as close to our clients as possible, support the local economy and minimise transport-related emissions.


Our Milestones


Company Established


4th Place in Global Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Challenge


National Technical Assessment


Passivhaus and Cradle to Cradle Certificates


Fire Resistance Tests REI 120 and REIef 120


Innovation Award by the Passive House Institute


Sustainable Element Product Award by Building Green DK


Fire Resistance Tests for Different Finishes, BIM Elements

Today, our mission goes beyond the borders of our company. We are a global network of passionate individuals who want to be the voice of change in the construction sector. Up till now, we have manufactured more than 40,000 m² of EcoCocon walls, sequestering more than 3,000 metric tons of CO2 and saving at least another 18,000 metric tons over the life cycle of our buildings through increased energy efficiency.

This is our story. And we are happy to build your story of sustainable and energy-efficient living.
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