EcoCocon - Our Story

13. February 2020 EcoCocon Stories

The Beginnings 

10 years ago, a small group of Lithuanian civil engineers started to make their first straw-bale houses. Their intention was not to change the world. 

Soon enough, their energy-efficient and sustainable design proved to be a success. The idea of prefabricated panels made with high accuracy in dry factory conditions was soon validated as the right way forward. The EcoCocon wall panel was officially created. 

After a period of rigorous testing, the panels received all the necessary permits and certificates, including the fire-resistance rating. Thanks to its way of manufacturing and materials used, EcoCocon soon received also the Cradle-to-Cradle certification. 

We have found a way how to make the world around us better - one house at a time.

The Now 

After a decade of refining the system and more than 100 houses built, EcoCocon panels are now ready as a renewable and healthy alternative to traditional construction materials. 

EcoCocon system is a fusion of the oldest construction materials (straw and wood) with modern engineering, taking the best from both worlds. The straw is flexible and together with wood, it can take high loads. Panels are suitable for multi-level construction, even in earthquake-prone areas. The system also provides very good fire resistance. Very little energy is needed for production. 

Construction layers of the walls can be adjusted to achieve the optimal microclimate for both cold and hot countries. 

Our panels contain no harmful toxins or artificial additives, making the indoor environment healthy and pleasant. 

The Future 

Our goal is to challenge the old-fashioned way of building by providing our solution on a mass scale. The construction industry as we know it today is one of the biggest pollutants, depleting non-renewable materials, using energy-demanding manufacturing, and leaving a massive carbon footprint. 

EcoCocon, on the contrary, greatly minimizes its environmental impact. Thanks to natural sequestration of CO2 during the growth cycle of wood and straw, each EcoCocon house stores several tons of CO2 that would be otherwise released into the atmosphere if traditional materials were used instead. 

We are working our way towards creating a model of small highly-efficient production centers that would unlock the possibility to build from locally sourced, healthy and sustainable materials in every country.

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